Our approach

The customer and employee experience is today a major issue of differentiation and loyalty for companies, which are under pressure from indicators such as the Net Promoter Score or the best employers rankings.

A complete methodology

It is to meet the current challenges of organizations that we have implemented a complete methodology, a real accelerator for the development of the customer and employee experience (improving the customer experience and the employee experience). Our approach aims to understand what customers and employees expect, experience and do, in order to bring out innovative approaches on the different channels. The objective is to offer fluid and differentiating journeys, which offer companies valuable added value.

We are also convinced that the quality of life at work for employees (the employee experience) is a major social issue, and that it can be improved by the same tools as those used in customer journeys. Employee engagement is also a driving force behind the success of the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is 10x higher in companies where employee engagement is high (source: Qualtrics).

The five pillars of the customer and employee experience according to CXB HUB

In our opinion, any approach to the customer and employee experience must be holistic: we have modeled the 5 pillars to serve as a benchmark for the transformation to be carried out, to assess its strengths and weaknesses and to set indicators.

Strategy and governance

Business strategy, brand platform, marketing ambition, it is a question of ensuring that the customer and employee dimension is present in your approaches: is the customer experience strategy part of the organization’s overall strategy? ? Has the roadmap used been put in place with all the stakeholders? Has governance been well defined?

We support our clients in the choice of relevant methodologies to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data on the voice of the customer and the voice of the employee. In addition, through sociological listening (field observations, qualitative interviews), we allow a detailed understanding of customer and employee feedback, and help our customers to be in a dynamic of continuous improvement.

We are prescribers of various survey platform solutions, such as Qualtrics, of which we are an official consulting partner (CXB HUB + Qualtrics Partnership)

Data collection and analysis


We map existing customer and employee journeys. Based on design-thinking methodologies, we co-create with our customers new online and offline experiences to differentiate ourselves, improve customer satisfaction and advance the customer culture in each organization.

We provide support right through to implementation, the essential point of a customer orientation approach. Are employees and managers trained on a daily basis to serve their customers as well as possible? Is there a continuous improvement system, and is it effective? Is the employee experience positive? We then propose several measures focused on supporting change, communication, continuous improvement and behavioral training.



We measure the impact of the actions implemented on customers, employees and the business of organizations, in order to determine future strategic orientations and continue to develop the customer culture.

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