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Putting the customer at the heart of the organization is an essential issue. Whether in B to C or B to B, companies are becoming aware of this major element of differentiation and loyalty. Companies are faced with a need for in-depth transformation around the customer to anchor a new culture in the company.

The customer experience

Customer experience is the sum of emotions felt by the customer during all interactions with the brand, products, and services.

The employee experience

Employee experience refers to the totality of interactions and experiences lived by an employee within their company. It is the sum of the feelings the employee has towards their work situation.

Implementing this transformation effectively in the company is not easy. Understanding what the customer expects, lives, does, managing the complexity of the different channels is essential to offer him a fluid, differentiating journey, transforming the teams, this must be orchestrated:

Whatever the maturity of your companies on these subjects, whatever your sector of activity, we can support you thanks to tailor-made Experience transformation programs: for your entire program or for one of the dimensions: roadmap, implementation of a process for collecting the voice of the customer and organization of the close the loop, mapping and improvement of customer journeys, implementation of relational rituals and team training, impact measurement … So contact our team to improve the customer experience and the employee experience.

Our programs integrating advice, training and the development of digital tools aim, at a time when new technologies are omnipresent in the customer journey, to achieve a precious balance between digital and human. We rely on collaborative methodologies that bring projects to life and promote the commitment of as many people as possible.

We also organize benchmarks, events, conferences, meetings with experts on the themes of employee commitment and customer culture in which we share our passion and the experiences of international companies.

Our global and international vision of the transformation of organizations is based on five fundamental pillars on which we rely to establish your programs.

We build our approach around 5 pillars :

Strategy and governance

Data collection and analysis




CXB HUB Overview

We are a Franco-British company specializing in customer experience, employee engagement and management consulting.

Based in London and Paris, we offer tailor-made customer experience improvement programs, which we co-build with companies. We train all actors in organizations to help them achieve a high level of satisfaction and commitment. We put in place a continuous dynamic that takes into account the living and human nature of the customer experience, which is constantly evolving.

Drawing on our multicultural experience, we are developing our own digital tools dedicated to managing the customer experience and working with the main suppliers to give you the best advice on the platforms that suit you.

Our digital tools for greater efficiency in your experience programs

CXB HUB has finalized the prototype of its myCXvision solution, which combines self-diagnosis and automated development of strategic roadmaps.

myCXvision responds to the current need of CX managers, who must organize the initiatives of their organizations in an increasingly complex environment. Combined with a workshop to adjust the action plan as closely as possible to the realities of the company, myCXvision saves time and relevance in the creation of action plans, and makes it possible to align the different trades and interlocutors on the company’s CX objectives.

Find the solution already operational on the website

Companies that want to stand out in innovation can also join the CXB HUB pilot program to co-develop version 2 of myCXvision.

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Customer culture at the heart of successful companies

In an increasingly competitive economic context, customer culture has become a key factor of success and differentiation for companies. This concept encompasses the values, behaviors and commitment of employees, which are oriented towards maximum customer satisfaction. At CXB HUB, we believe that customer culture is essential for the success of any business. Indeed, a culture that focuses on customer needs and wants is key to creating an exceptional customer experience. We understand that customers are the reason businesses exist, and that without them businesses cannot succeed. This is why we are passionate about offering solutions to improve the customer experience. Raising awareness internally and training employees are also key elements in developing a customer-centric culture. At CXB HUB, we offer tailor-made training for your organization. Our training courses are Qualopi certified. We can also design training courses for trainers, so that they can spread this culture internally as ambassadors.

What is customer culture according to CXB HUB?

For CXB HUB, customer culture can be defined as the set of values, attitudes, standards and behaviors shared by all members of a company, thus improving the quality of the services offered and the relationship with the customer. It is based on a strong orientation around the customer, who then places himself at the center of the concerns of each employee and at the center of the organization. The customer culture also implies the support of all the company’s stakeholders (executives, managers, employees), in order to create a real collective dynamic in the service of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The fundamental values of the customer culture

Several values are at the heart of the customer culture and must be integrated by all members of the organization to make it more productive:

  • Empathy: being attentive to the needs and expectations of the client, being attentive and understanding in the face of their problems.
  • Transparency: offering clear and sincere communication, both internally and externally. Be honest about company performance and results.
  • Agility: being able to adapt quickly to market developments and changing customer needs.
  • Collaboration: working together to offer innovative solutions and respond effectively to customer expectations.
  • Responsibility: taking responsibility for one’s choices and actions, taking customer feedback into account and committing to continually improving the products and services offered.

Why is customer culture a lever that should not be overlooked?

Adopting a customer culture within your company has many advantages for both your employees and your customers:

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

By placing the customer at the heart of their concerns, companies that have integrated a customer culture are able to offer a higher level of service, which contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are more likely to renew their shopping experience and recommend the company to those around them.

Increase in the performance and competitiveness of the company

A customer-oriented company is more responsive and agile in the face of market changes. It is thus able to make the right decisions to develop and remain competitive. In addition, a strong customer culture fosters innovation and creativity among employees, who are encouraged to offer ever more effective solutions to meet customer needs.

Improved employee engagement and motivation

Employees who work in a company that has adopted a customer culture feel more involved and motivated because they understand that their work has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. By promoting customer-oriented behavior and recognizing everyone’s efforts, the company helps to strengthen the sense of belonging and commitment of its employees. This is where CXB HUB comes in. We offer a range of solutions to improve the customer experience, with a focus on understanding customer needs and offering customized solutions to meet those needs. We are committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience every step of the way, from the first interaction with a potential customer to retaining existing customers. We believe the customer experience should be consistent, which means customers should have the same positive experience every time they interact with the company. To achieve this goal, we work with our customers to understand their needs and challenges, and we offer tailored solutions to effectively address them. Ultimately, our goal at CXB HUB is to help companies create a strong customer culture, by offering personalized solutions to improve their customer experience. We are confident that this will lead to increased customer loyalty, revenue growth and improved reputation for your business. If you are looking to improve your customer experience, contact us at CXB HUB to discuss how we can support you.